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Wet Pour Repair and Wetpour Maintenance

Wet Pour Repair and Wetpour Maintenance

Maintaining Your Wet Pour Safety Surface

Ensuring that your wet pour safety surface is well-maintained can mean that you prolong the life of the surface whilst guaranteeing it is performing to its full potential.

Sometimes there can be a build-up of debris, dust and general dirt on the safety surface which is normal because of the environment it is in. When this build-up occurs it can cause the surface to become slippy and thus dangerous for users.

In order to keep your wet pour in top condition you should follow some routine maintenance tips which will prolong its life and keep it safe:

  • Sweep the surface to remove any loose debris from the wet pour surface; this should come away quite easily!
  • Remove any further debris, dust and dirt from the surface by power washing it using a powerful jet wash.
  • We recommend that if it is necessary to use detergents or cleaning chemicals on the surface these are diluted and extremely weak.
  • Any wet pour surface which is positioned directly underneath trees or plantation should be cleaned more frequently as this may attract moss or similar to the surface.
  • Salt and/or grit should NEVER be used on a wetpour surface, a common mistake made in wintery conditions.

What should you do if the surface becomes damaged?

This could be where the safety surface shrinks back from the edges, crumbles or even where patches appear on the surface. These all cause problems and make the wet pour safety surfacing unsafe for usage as it is unable to perform to its full potential and can cause a trip hazard or serious accident.

Repairing Your Wetpour Safety Surfacing

A damaged safety surface is a potential danger and may lead to trips, falls and even more serious accidents therefore it is important it is corrected immediately as soon as damage occurs. According to the damage here are our solutions that we would recommend:

  • Holes in the Safety Surfaces – Holes can appear due to general usage or if say heavy/pointed objects are applied to the surface. If the holes in the safety surface are small in size we would be able to provide clients with a repair kit if they felt comfortable enough to repair the surface themselves. However, if the hole is much larger in size or if there are numerous holes on the wetpour then we have a remedial team on-hand who will be able to come and repair the surface at an agreed cost. This can be done quite quickly and the surface restored back to its original state, making it safe and usable once more which is ideal for nurseries and schools whom have excited children who want to play outside! We strongly recommend that nothing heavy is placed onto the surface or that heels and other pointed objects are not applied to the surface either in order to prevent damage.
  • Shrink Back in the Wet Pour Safety Surface – Rubber will expand when it becomes hot, this can be caused by the weather causing the surface to heat up when it is sunny. In fact the thermal linear expansion of runner is around 10 to 20 times larger than that of metal. What this means is that when rubber cures it will shrink around 2%. This is perfectly normal and caused simply by the environment; to repair this we can cut back the rubber surface and apply new wetpour to the perimeter. In some cases where the surface is old we would recommend to remove the surface and replace but we can advise on this according to individual projects as each is unique.
  • Burnt Wet Pour Safety Surface – Unfortunately in far too many cases we are called by clients whom have been a victim of vandalism. In some cases vandals can burn the safety surface and this causes it to melt and become unsafe for usage. In other cases some clients just have a momentary lapse and place hot items such as BBQ’s onto the surface without realising the damage this would cause. Sadly damage which is caused to a wet pour safety surface which is burnt is irreversible; the only way to resolve this is to cut out the affected area and replace the patch. We strongly recommend that anything hot is kept away from the surface at all times.
  • Vandalism: Graffiti to the Wet Pour Safety Surface – Sadly we do live in a world where some people choose to cause deliberate damage. In some cases we have had clients whom have been affected by vandals who have graffiti the surface. Applying graffiti removal chemicals or thinners to the surface will cause damage and diluting these products to the required mix in order to not damage the surface would result in them not actually being strong enough to remove the paint from the surface. The only solution in this situation would be to cut out the affected area and replace it. This can be extremely frustrating however, it is the only solution sadly.

How Often Should You Maintain the Surface?

Maintenance will depend on a number of factors and you will need to evaluate your maintenance according to these. Some examples of things you may need to consider are as follows:

How often the surface is used?

Obviously wet pour surfaces which are more heavily used say in a public park will require more maintenance than wetpour surfaces say at home in the garden. The more the safety surface is utilised then the more you should ensure it is kept clean and repaired as necessary to ensure you get the most out of it and its life is prolonged.

Where the Safety Surface is Installed?

Wet pour safety surfacing which is installed directly under trees, plantation and is often in the shade will require more maintenance than a surface which is positioned in the open and which is not shaded. This is because in shaded areas they can become damp and with no sun to dry them up this creates perfect conditions for mould and moss to grow on the surface causing it to become slippy and unsafe.

If you are ever unsure about how to maintain your wet pour surface and what you can and cannot do then do not hesitate to give us a call and our expert team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have. It is always better to be safe than sorry and to check prior to carrying out maintenance which could result in the surface being damaged.

For all repair requirements again, please speak to a member of our friendly team who will be able to advise you further on a number of recommended options according to your individual requirements.

For more information, guidance and advice then please call us today on 0845 650 0066 or email us info@dcmsurfaces.com.


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