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WildAid Conservation

With a mission to end the illegal wildlife trade WildAid aims to reduce public demand by raising awareness through campaigns and ensuring that comprehensive marine protection is provided.

At present the illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth around £6.3 Billion (GBP) per year and as a result many wildlife populations around the world have been drastically reduced.

Unfortunately there still is a demand for wildlife parts and products and WildAid is the only organisation which is strongly focused on reducing the demand for these products.

Their message is strong and very simple:
“when the buying stops, the killing can too”

Their campaigns are very high-impact and can reach around one billion people every single week but without these campaigns the message would stop and none of this important work would continue.

With this in mind we choose WildAid as our charity because we are very strongly against animal cruelty of any kind especially the killing of animals for material possessions or for a trophy cabinet.

DCM Surfaces are helping to stop demand for wildlife parts and products.