Your Pets Will Love Our Artificial Grass!
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Your Pets Will Love Our Artificial Grass!

Your Pets Will Love Our Artificial Grass!

It is a common misconception that dogs and other animals won’t like the smell, feel and look of artificial grass as much as the real thing however this is nothing but a misconception.

Many dogs and other pets utilise the surface as they would a normal grass surface. Artificial grass is exceptionally easy to maintain meaning that your pet can play on the surface all year round without the need to keep them inside when you need to fertilise, mow of weed your lawn using potentially harmful chemicals.

Following artificial grass installation you can have a lawn to enjoy all year around because it won’t freeze over and so even on the coolest of days you can let your pets run round outside.

The majority of pets such as dogs, go outside to relive themselves and many people often think that with them urinating on the artificial surface it will become stained and even start to smell. In actual fact the urine will drain through the artificial grass surface and any faeces can easily be removed leaving behind your luscious lawn.

Pets can be extremely hard work however, with artificial grass installation you won’t need to worry about wear and tear or having muddy paw prints throughout your home. There will be no muddy patches on the artificial surface and so your garden will stay as fresh looking as the floors in your home.

Artificial grass is ideal for use in dog runs too!

Investing in artificial grass installation for your pets is probably the best thing you can do! Your pet can have the best of both worlds and a luscious lawn to play on all year round. Ask DCM Surfaces about our artificial grass today and see what we can do for you!