Type 4 Polymeric Structured Spray (IAAF Accredited)

Multi Use Game Areas

Option1: Structure Spray for Multi Use Game Areas (Type 4)

Polymeric Structure Spray (Type 4) consists of an SBR shockpad with a 2-3mm spray coating of granulated EPDM rubber.

The structure spray gives the surface high skid resistant properties which are needed for a range of sports including athletics and running tracks as set out by SAPCA, Sport England and AENA.

The structure spray is available in a variety of colours, including red, green or blue. Various line markings are applied to the structure spray, depending on the sport played.

– IAAF tested
– Recreational Football, Hockey and Hockey Training, Athletics, Basketball, Netball (low level), Mini-tennis, Tennis, Panna Football, Passing Square and Football Tennis
– Anti-slip properties (TRRL 55)
– Shock absorption to reduce impact force when running
– 12-14mm depth
– Porous
– Designed to meet Sport England MUGA 4 specifications


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