Bonded Gravel Overview

Resin Bonded Gravel is a hard wearing decorative surface with a textured finish.

Bonded Gravel is not porous, meaning water doesn’t drain through and the rough texture gives the surface a natural effect.

Bonded gravel is applied by scattering stone gravel onto a resin base. The gravel aggregate is available in a range of colours which can be used to match existing exterior features.

Bound Gravel
Bonded Gravel Applications
Laying Bonded Gravel

Bonded gravel can be installed onto a combined surface of min 25mm dense surface course macadam and min 50mm dense binder course. It is important that the existing base is of sound condition to ensure the best finish and longevity of the system.

Step 1

2-3mm resin is applied to the existing surface.

Step 2

A layer of 1-3mm sized aggregate is scattered to completely cover the resin.

Step 3

Once cured, excess stone is swept away. The surface will be ready to use the following day.

Bonded Gravel Colours
Gravel is available in a variety of colours. Colours shown are for reference only. For exact colour matches a sample should be requested


Q. Resin bound and resin bonded – What is the difference?
Bonded: A layer of resin is screeded onto a surface and then a fine aggregate is scattered over the top and rolled in. This produces a rough surface that is not porous.
Bound: Aggregate is mixed with resin in a mixer and then hand-trowelled into place to produce a surface that is smooth and porous. Porous resin bound surfaces perform better than non-porous resin bonded ones, allowing drainage of surface water and better environmental compliance.

Q. Can resin bonded surfacing be laid on my existing surface?
A. For your base to have the same lifespan as the new resin bonded surfacing, a new base is preferable.

Q. Is resin bonded surfacing ideal for my driveway?
A. Bound gravel is more suited for driveways as the gravel will remain in place when vehicles drive over it.