Resin Bonded Gravel is a hard wearing decorative surface with a textured finish.

Bonded Gravel is not porous, meaning water doesn’t drain through and the rough texture gives the surface a natural effect.

Bonded gravel is applied by scattering stone gravel onto a resin base. The gravel aggregate is available in a range of colours which can be used to match existing exterior features.



Installers arrive on site wearing full PPE and sign in if required. Once equipment has been unloaded, installers measure area, take photos, check dips and report temperature.

The area is then dried with a gas lance and cleared of leaves and debris. Perimeter edges are masked with tape.

The entire surface is primed with binder, and gravel is broadcast across the area.



  • Buxton Crescent

    Site Name: Buxton Crescent
    Location: Peak District
    Surface Type: Bound Gravel and Bonded Gravel

    DCM Surfaces was proud to be a part of the refurbishment of Buxton Crescent, a Grade 1 listed building in the heart of the Peak District.

    The project included the install of Bound and Bonded Gravel surfacing around the perimeter of the building.

    Chinese Bauxite was selected as an extremely hard-wearing stone that would complement the exterior architecture.

Bonded Gravel Case Studies



Q. What is the different between bonded gravel and resin bound gravel?
A. Bound Gravel has a smooth texture and is porous, whereas Bonded Gravel has a rough texture and is not porous.

Q. Can bonded gravel be laid onto existing an surface?
A. For a high-quality finish and a longer life span, a new subbase is preferable.

Q. Does bonded gravel require maintenance?
A. Bonded gravel requires low maintenance; occasional sweeping or pressure washing will maintain the quality of the product.

Q. What can bonded gravel be laid on?
A. For the best result, bonded gravel should be laid onto dense 6mm tarmac or concrete.

Q. Can vehicles be driven on bonded gravel?
A. Yes, vehicles can be driven on bonded gravel; it is a popular product used for car parks and driveways.

Q. How long will bonded gravel last for?
A. The longevity of the bonded gravel depends on how heavily it is used and how well it is being maintained. DCM have a warranty of up to 5 years.

Q. Does bonded gravel fade in sunlight?
A. Bonded gravel does not fade in sunlight.

Q. Does the tarmac/concrete need to be clean before the bonded gravel surfacing is installed?
A. For a high-quality finish and a longer life span, a clean subbase is preferable.

Q. Can bonded gravel be laid in the rain?
A. Unfortunately, bonded gravel can only be installed in dry weather conditions.