Gravel Surfacing
Self-Binding Gravel Overview

Self-Binding Gravel is an easy to lay alternative to traditional materials such as flags, paving, macadam or concrete.

The gravel binds together when rolled to provide a self compacted surface which remains firmer underfoot than conventional loose aggregate.

Self-binding gravel is suited to a wide spectrum of applications, including domestic driveways, golf courses and rural footpaths.

Self Binding Gravel
Self-Binding Gravel Applications
Laying Self-Binding Gravel

Self binding gravel can be applied onto a prepared sub base, such as MOT.

Step 1

Fine textured particles are spread onto a prepared sub base.

Step 2

Water is hosed onto the granules in order to float the finer particles of material to the surface.

Step 3

A heavy roller is used to initiate the binding process and seal the top. The surface will be ready to use immediately after installation.