Daily Mile Tracks

The Daily Mile Track is a UK-wide initiative which encourages children to run, jog or walk for 15 minutes each day during school hours.

Daily Mile Tracks can be made by creating a route into an existing playground. However, many schools with little usable space have invested in an all-weather, purpose-built track.

DCM Surfaces recommends using two products which are ideal surface choices for Daily Mile Tracks; Rubber Mulch and Rubber-Gravel Mix.

Both products can be installed directly onto grass or compacted soil. Each surface is porous and can be laid to a bespoke design in order to create laps, swirls or loops. Rubber Mulch and Rubber-Gravel Mix surfaces are highly durable, meet existing anti-slip regulations, and will hold firm under heavy footfall.

Daily Mile



What makes our daily mile tracks so special…

• We use two great products for the tracks, rubber mulch and rubber-gravel mix

• The products we use are both non-toxic, odourless and non-flammable

• Prevents any weeds while allowing water to permeate into the ground

• Wide range of colours available to suit your colour scheme and branding

• Easy to maintain, naturally keeps clean and easy to run all year round

• Consistent high-quality running surface – no bumps or holes