Polymeric surfaces are used for Running Tracks, Athletic Tracks, or Multi-Use Game Areas

DCM Surfaces is able to offer various surfaces to meet specific performance requirements, including IAAF, Sport England and SAPCA.

Types of Polymeric Surfaces

MUGA Sport Surfaces

Specialist Sport Surfaces

Cost Effective Sport Surfaces

Macadam (Type 1)

Open textured porous macadam with line markings.

– Recreational Football, Hockey and Hockey Training, Basketball, Netball (low level), Mini-tennis, Tennis
– Not suitable for athletics

Macadam + Anti-Slip (Type 2)

Coloured anti-slip is applied with line markings direct to an open textured porous macadam surface.

The anti-slip coating is available in a variety of colours, including red, green or blue. This solvent based paint provides a particularly flexible, hard-wearing and durable coating that contains texturing agents for the necessary grip and slip resistance. Line markings are also available, creating multi-use areas ideal for football, basketball and netball.

– Recreational Football, Hockey and Hockey Training, Basketball, Netball (low level), Mini-tennis, Tennis
– Not suitable for athletics

  • Sheepmount Stadium

    Sheepmount Stadium

    Site Name: Sheepmount Stadium
    Location: Sheepmount, Carlisle
    Surface Type: Polymeric Type 4: Structured Spray

    DCM Surfaces were invited to be part of the redevelopment of the running track at Sheepmount Stadium following extensive damage caused by Storm Desmond in December 2015.

    The entire surface of the eight lane, 400 metre track was completely resurfaced with Polymeric Structure Spray to create an IAAF tested porous system for year-round use.

Polymeric Case Studies


Key Benefits of the Stockmeier Track system:

• Granules have superior UV stability
• No batch to batch variation between bags
• No dust, so no colour bleeding
• Granules have been shaped to optimise slip resistance, spread rate and surface strength
• Granules are weather resistant

Mitigation of risks

• The temperature and weather conditions will be recorded each day of install and retained on DCM’s software system.
• If conditions become unsuitable (ground temperature required to be 10oC), the installation will be postponed until temperature requirements are met.
• The progress of the job will be monitored against submitted programme. If DCM run behind schedule due to weather delays, additional personnel will be assigned to the project.
• All operatives on site are suitably trained to a minimum of C.S.C.S standard and have suitable certification for any items of plant they may be required to be driven.
• DCM Supervisor to carry out regular inspections and Quality assurance checks of works being carried out.
• All stages of work are documented.



Q: What sports are suitable?
A: Polymeric surfaces are ideally suited for a variety of sports including tennis, basketball, football, athletics, general sports, and recreational training.

Q: Do you have to have an anti-slip spray?
A: Yes, EPDM has a slip rating as standard but certain sports require a higher slip rating.

Q: Can you wear studded boots?
A: No, studs and blades will damage the surface. The surface is designed for astro boots and trainers only.