We are continually evolving and developing our rooftop systems to work with more and more innovative projects and designs.

Unlike typical ground-level installations, which require tarmac or MOT stone sub-bases, roof-tops require a cold-applied material that can easily be manoeuvred into position.

DCM Surfaces have three main solutions to building up the sub-base structure on a roof terrace or podium:

1.Rubber-Gravel Mix SUDs compliant material
2.Drainage board, filled with pea gravel
3.The Kinley metal tray system

Each of these systems allows water to drain through the permeable artificial grass, rubber crumb, or bound gravel and flow away through drainage layers below.

Note: When threshold depths are limited, Rubber-Gravel Mix can be substituted for a denser product such as Bound Gravel with a non-UV stable binder.

Bound Gravel

Bound Gravel has been tested to BN ES1187: 2012 Test 4 External fire exposure to roofs.
1. Bound Gravel onto Rubber- Gravel Mix
2.Bound Gravel onto drainage board, filled with pea gravel
3. Bound Gravel onto the Kinley metal tray


Wetpour has been tested to EN 13501-1 (09/2007).
1. Wetpour onto Rubber- Gravel Mix
2.Wetpour onto drainage board, filled with pea gravel
3. Wetpour onto the Kinley metal tray System

Site Name: Carrow Quarter
Location: Norwich
Surface Type: Bound Gravel, Artificial Grass

DCM Surfaces were excited to work on the prestigious residential development at Carrow Quarter, Norwich.

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All of our rooftop terrace solutions offer the following benefits:

• Install at various depths to acheive required thresholds

• Ramp down to meet door thresholds

• Acheive 80kg / m2 – required to prevent uplift of insultation

• Easy to maintain, naturally keeps clean and easy to run all year round