Bound Gravel: The Perfect Alternative Solution to Self-Binding Gravel

When it comes to creating surfaces for paths or outdoor areas, self-binding gravel has long been a popular choice. However, there’s another fantastic option that offers even more advantages – bound gravel. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of bound gravel as an alternative solution to self-binding gravel, highlighting the unique features that make it an ideal choice for various landscaping projects.

The Appeal of Self-Binding Gravel:

Self-binding gravel, also known as hoggin or self-binding path mix, is a traditional material that combines aggregates such as crushed limestone with natural fines. The fines act as a binding agent when compacted, resulting in a firm surface that doesn’t require additional bonding agents like resin.

Pros of Self-Binding Gravel:

Aesthetic Charm: Self-binding gravel boasts a natural and rustic appearance that complements traditional and rural settings perfectly.

Permeability: Its semi-porous nature allows water to drain through, making it environmentally friendly and reducing the risk of surface water buildup.

Easy to Lay: Self-binding gravel is relatively straightforward to install, making it a cost-effective and time-saving option.

Introducing Bound Gravel:

Bound gravel, also known as resin-bound gravel, takes the advantages of self-binding gravel to a whole new level. In this innovative solution, natural aggregates are expertly mixed with a clear resin binder, which is then applied to create a durable, seamless, and visually stunning surface.

Advantages of Bound Gravel:

Enhanced Aesthetics: Bound gravel offers a more extensive range of aggregate choices, providing endless design possibilities. From contemporary to traditional looks, it can be tailored to suit any landscape.

Superior Durability: The resin binder provides exceptional strength, preventing loose stones and offering resistance against cracking and erosion.

Permeability with No Loose Stones: Like self-binding gravel, bound gravel is permeable, allowing water to drain naturally. However, the resin binder ensures that there are no loose stones, offering a more comfortable walking or driving experience.

Low Maintenance: Bound gravel requires minimal upkeep, making it a long-lasting and cost-effective solution over time.

Bound Gravel as the Ideal Alternative:

While self-binding gravel is a fantastic choice for certain applications, bound gravel surpasses it in several key aspects. The enhanced aesthetics, superior durability, and improved permeability without loose stones make bound gravel the perfect alternative for a wide range of outdoor projects.

Whether you’re creating a picturesque pathway in a garden, a stunning driveway leading up to your home, or a welcoming entrance to a commercial property, bound gravel adds a touch of sophistication and practicality that elevates the overall appeal of any outdoor space.