Valentino the White Rhino


Valentino is an 11-year-old white rhino bull currently located in a reserve in South Africa.

Valentino has had an extremely traumatic and challenging life. His entire family was poached when he was a mere few months old. Five rhinos were all murdered by savage poachers in a single massacre. Valentino was left alone to live his early days as an orphan, dealing with the trauma of witnessing his family being slaughtered around him.

Fortunately, Valentino was rescued and moved to a rehabilitation facility, where he was introduced to a younger rhino cow. The two were kept in a smaller area to allow them to bond, and they soon became best friends. Due to the success of this introduction and bonding, the decision was made to move the two rhinos to a larger reserve. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the cow decided to join a larger herd, and Valentino was left alone once again. Since then, Valentino has battled to settle at this new reserve, taking his frustration out on vehicles, reserve infrastructure and people. Thus, we must move him to a new facility and find him two younger cows to befriend.

We have found the perfect new home for Valentino, and we would like to move him as soon as possible and identify two lovely ladies to join him. We believe that Valentino deserves to be happy and live his years out in the company of other rhinos. Valentino is a sign of hope for rhinos and rhino owners who have experienced the brutality of poaching. Who knows, Valentino may even become a dad!

In order to fulfil this need, we will require the following:

  • To build Valentino and the two new ladies an enclosure of approximately 5 hectares to allow them to bond and settle into their new home. (£5000)
  • To acquire two cows to join Valentino (£9000)
  • To provide 24-hour security for the rhinos, which would include two rangers watching over them day and night (£7000 per annum)

The life of every rhino in Africa matters, and we urgently need your support to help Valentino! The best outcome would be for him to live happily in a safe area and, hopefully, for him to breed and contribute to the rhino population in South Africa.

Please help us support Valentino by contributing towards this worthy cause via the Collection Pot.

All donations are welcomed, and continued updates of Valentino’s story will be posted as we get them.

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