Wetpour Guarantee & Warranty

WETPOUR GUARANTEE: Surfaces installed by DCM Surfaces are manufactured and installed to BS EN 117-7 / 118-8.

DCM Surfaces will honour the 5-year warranty on the integrity of the installed surface as follows: 

  • It will maintain its integrity as a safety or leisure surface for at least five years from the installation date.
  • In the unlikely event that repairs are required, DCM Surfaces warranty is limited to re-establishing the integrity of the surface as fit for purpose only. 

We cannot accept complaints based purely on aesthetics, and we cannot consider claims for consequential loss. 


IMPORTANT! Failure to follow formal maintenance requirements or routine procedures. 

In order to maintain the porosity of the product, it is strongly recommended that the surface is kept clear of debris. Please refer to the maintenance of wetpour information. Damage to the surface caused by high point loading, vandalism or abnormal uses, forces of nature and fair wear and tear are not covered. 

Defects in the underlying surface which did not form part of the DCM contract. 

Please refer to the build-up information. Where Wetpour surfacing is laid at a thickness of less than 40mm, a sub-base of concrete or macadam should be used. The use of other sub-bases, including existing wetpour surfacing, will affect warranty conditions. 

UV Stability

Please refer to the UV Colour Chart. Using aromatic polyurethane binders may affect the finished colour of EPDM granules (light blue, bright yellow, grey, eggshell, white, grey, turquoise and earth blend are more susceptible to colour change). Any discolouration is temporary and should disappear with time (DCM cannot specify a timeframe). Further information is available on request. 


Please refer to the Edging information. All hard surfaces are primed twice to aid adhesion. However, wetpour surfaces are flexible and environmental changes such as temperature and humidity can cause the surface to contract and expand over time, eventually causing some shrinkage. Perimeter gaps of over 5mm will be covered, and gaps less than 5mm will be deemed an expected product limitation. 


Please refer to the Edging information. DCM always recommends the use of a Rubber Edge or Pre-Cast Concrete. Due to the physical characteristics of wetpour and the effects of extreme environmental factors on the product, no other edge detail can be fully guaranteed. 

Chase Cutting

Please refer to the Edging information. Where a chase cut has been applied to a macadam surface, the expected expansion/contraction of the surface may lead to cracking of the adjacent macadam. This is not a defect with the surfacing and, therefore, not covered under the warranty. 

Black EPDM

Black EPDM is a recycled rubber product that contains carbon, so there may be a small risk that susceptible materials coming into contact with the surface will be stained. Areas installed with Black EPDM that are exposed to sustained high temperatures for prolonged periods will have greater absorbency and heat retention properties than lighter colours. Therefore, Black EPDM is not recommended for areas predominantly used by babies and toddlers where skin contact during crawling/ sitting may be affected by surface temperature. DCM recommend using coloured, virgin EPDM where possible. 

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